Civil Air Patrol Texas Wing

Group V

United States Air Force Auxiliary











Group V Squadron Information

SWR-TX-007  Lackland Cadet Squadron - Major Robert Howard (Email)    

SWR-TX-041   George H.W. Bush Composite Squadron Lt Col Eddie Gose (Email)

SWR-TX-047  Laughlin AFB Composite Squadron  MajorLeonard Sobieski (Email)

SWR-TX-142  Randolph Composite Squadron - Major Ed Sundman (Email)

SWR-TX-187  Alamo Composite Squadron - Major Diane Brymer (Email)

SWR-TX-351  Pegasus Composite Squadron Lt Rick Mierow (Email)

SWR-TX-352  Col Joe W. Kittinger Phantom Senior Squadron  Lt Zach Medlin (Email)

SWR-TX-371  Apollo Composite Squadron
Major John Welsh (Email)

SWR-TX-403  Shoemaker Composite Squadron
Lt Col Neale Sudduth (Email)

SWR-TX-424  Bexar County Senior Squadron - Lt Brian Frie  (Email)

SWR-TX-435  David Lee "Tex" Hill Composite Squadron - Major Leroy Friesenhahn (Email)

SWR-TX-442  Kerrville Composite Squadron - Major George Otto (Email)




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